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Dhiki Supodo, commonly called mas dhiki, still do not have a job anymore. Looks like I am considered to have end after an accident which resulted in me coma for 1 month 2 days at the practical work period in Paiton Steam Power Plant. Hopefully to get a job soon and married a sholekhah girl Amiin.

I am a muslim. I must live this life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. For that, I must have sufficient knowledge to be practiced. Hopefully by sharing here, can increase my knowledge especially and all Muslims in general, Amiin.

I have a great interest in the world of health. Health is one of the important factors to be able to live better. Hopefully by sharing here, we can all live this life better. Amiin.

During my study time at Mechanical Engineering department Gadjah Mada University, I joined in the health organization which one of the responsibility is to become first aid team. I try to share many first aid technique for accidents.

My first job is in the construction world, so I have any connection which having information about mobile crane for rent. I am trying to connect requests and offers of the mobile crane for rent as a broker.

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Khitan Definition
Al khitan is taken from the Arabic language,
namely cutting.

Some linguists
specializing lafadz khitan for men,
while for women it is called khifadh.
[Lisanul Arab (13/137), Tartibul Qamus (2/15)]

As for the term Syari'a,
meant by cutting the skin
which covers the head of the penis for men,
cut the flesh that protrudes above the vagina,
also called the clitoris for women.
[Tharhut Tatsrib, Iraqi (2/75),
Fathul Bari, Ibnu Hajar (10/340)].

Quoting information from the Gospel of Barnabas,
Prophet Adam alaihi salam
is the first human being to do khitan.

He did it after repenting to Allah
from the sins he committed


Adzan is calling for prayer.
Though voiced by human,
essentially adzan is a call of Allah
to all His servants for performing the prayer.

Adzan has many virtues were extraordinary.
Here are 10 primacy adzan by shahih hadits
(minimum hasan hadits):

1. The rewards of adzan is very large.
Pealing  adzan has very large reward.

Once the magnitude of the reward of pealing adzan
until the Prophet shallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam suggests,

if people are aware of its reward,
they certainly scramble for pealing adzan
though by a draw.

"If people are aware of the reward contained in the adzan
and the first rows,
then they may not get it
except by way of draw straws upon it,
they would do the lottery"

Saturday, June 22, 2019


8. When it rained
    Rain is the favor of Allah Ta'ala.
    Therefore, it should not be reproached.
    Some people are annoyed by the rain,
    whereas that makes the rain is none
    other than Allah Ta'ala.

    Therefore, rather than drowning in annoyance
    is better to use the time to pray
    for what you wants to Allaah:

    "Prayer does not bounce on the second time,
    that is when adzan and when it rains"
    (Reported by al Hakim, 2534, classed as saheeh
    Al Albani in Saheeh al-Jami ', 3078)

9. Wednesday between Dluhr
    and ‘Asyar
    Sunnah is not yet known by most Muslims,
    that the granting of the prayer between Dluhr
    and ‘Asyhar prayers on Wednesday.
    Narrated by Jabir bin Abdillah Radhiallahu'anhu:

    "The Prophet of Allaah ‘alaihi wasalam

Friday, June 21, 2019

the BEST TIME for PRAYING....2

4. Among the adzan and iqamah
    The time between the adzan and iqamah
     is also the recommended time for prayer,
     based on the words of the Prophet
     shallallahu'alaihi wasallam:                 

     "Prayer in between the adzan and iqamah
     not rejected" (HN. Tirmidzi, 212,
     he said: "Hasan Sahih")

    Thus it is clear that the practice is recommended
    between the adzan and iqamah is pray,
    not doing shalawat, or read murattal by loud,
    for example by using a microphone.

    Besides never exemplified by the Prophet
    shallallahu'alaihi wasallam, the practices
    can disrupt the dzikr or praying sunnah.

    Though the Prophet shallallahu'alaihi wasallam

    "You know, you're all being munajat to Allah,
    so do not interfere with each other.
    Do not you turn up the volume

Thursday, June 20, 2019


One method of treating blood cancer
is with a spinal cord transplant.

Based on the myths circulating,
the donor must come from a close family.

Phipps acknowledges if it's the best source
indeed comes from siblings,
child, or parent.

spinal cord can also be obtained
from other people who don't have blood relations.

Some spinal cord stock
or umbilical cord blood stock
stored in the cord blood bank
and can be used throughout the world.

Phipps guarantees
there were no prolonged side effects for donors.

They will only feel pain and fatigue
at most a week after the donor process.

This time,
technological progress also makes the donor process

Monday, June 3, 2019


Today June 03, 2019
I lost my EMERGENCY posting
so I replace it by 
my last EMERGENCY posting.

I am sorry

For ME

Sorry, today August 7
I changed the order of posts

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Waiting for a call 
from any company
for joining there.

This afternoon,
October 25,
Swedia is in third,
Indonesia is in fourth.

Since October 31st,
I am in Jakarta
for looking a job.
This period,
I am without PC....

This morning,
October 25,
Hongkong taking over
Indonesia position in 
second place.

This morning,
October 22, 2018

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