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Dhiki Supodo, commonly called mas dhiki, still do not have a job anymore. Looks like I am considered to have end after an accident which resulted in me coma for 1 month 2 days at the practical work period in Paiton Steam Power Plant. Hopefully to get a job soon and married a sholekhah girl Amiin.

I am a muslim. I must live this life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. For that, I must have sufficient knowledge to be practiced. Hopefully by sharing here, can increase my knowledge especially and all Muslims in general, Amiin.

I have a great interest in the world of health. Health is one of the important factors to be able to live better. Hopefully by sharing here, we can all live this life better. Amiin.

During my study time at Mechanical Engineering department Gadjah Mada University, I joined in the health organization which one of the responsibility is to become first aid team. I try to share many first aid technique for accidents.

My first job is in the construction world, so I have any connection which having information about mobile crane for rent. I am trying to connect requests and offers of the mobile crane for rent as a broker.

Monday, June 17, 2019


Here are some causes of a distended stomach:

5. Eat foods with artificial sweeteners.
Artificial sweeteners
that recently is widely used
in food and beverage products

is one of the ingredients
that should be avoided,
or at least be restricted its consumption.

This is because the artificial sweetener
is relatively difficult to be digested by
our digestive system.

Components of artificial sweeteners
that are difficult to be digested
it will also easily be fermented
so disturbed the intestines.

6. Consumption of foods containing high gas.
Consumption of foods containing gas

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Causes of Blood Cancer
Although the specific cause of blood cancer
not known,
but various factors are associated,
like family history, aging,
weak immune system,
and certain infections.

While the study was conducted
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS),
Amy Burd PhD,
the community vice president said,

possible complications from
hematopoietic cell transpalansi
more seriously potentially life-threatening patients
when immune cells are donated
attack other tissue cells.

The true cause of leukemia also
not yet known for sure.

Some experts suspect that chromosomal abnormalities,
radiation exposure and pollution, smoking habits,


In an attempt to control appetite
by restricting food intake,
we can refer to the opinion of
Ibn al-Qayyim Al-Jauziyah
in one of his masterpiece,
the Thibbun Nabawi.

He divides the level of
the human need for food
into three conditions.

First, adh-dharurat
Minimum nutritional intake
is very necessary for human
could maintain the body condition
in order to stay well.

Second, al-Hajat
Nutritional intake
exceeds the emergency aspect;
is the satisfaction of the need

Friday, June 14, 2019


This analogy "seven stomach"
as revealed by the Prophet
shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam
is very interesting.

What does it mean?

The concept of seven is
not only known in terms of the stomach,
which means a lot.

In tasawuf also known
the concept of seven,
seven maqam, seven levels
or seven terminals to "unite"
with Allah Al-Khaliq.

The Quran also mentions

Thursday, June 13, 2019


2. Excessive or spontaneous bruising
Bruises that cannot be explained
without physical trauma
can be one of the symptoms of leukemia,
according to Pamela Crilley, DO,
chair of the medical oncology department
in Cancer Treatment Centers of America
and head of medical oncology
at the Eastern Regional Medical Center.

Unusual bruising is the result of
platelet count or low blood clotting,
explained Dr. Levis.

"You will bruise spontaneously,
even though you didn't do anything," he said.

"That can happen anywhere,
but it usually happens extreme
in the legs and arms," he added.

3. The gums swell and enlarge
Increased size of gum,

Monday, June 3, 2019


Today June 03, 2019
I lost my EMERGENCY posting
so I replace it by 
my last EMERGENCY posting.

I am sorry

For ME

Sorry, today August 7
I changed the order of posts

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Waiting for a call 
from any company
for joining there.

This afternoon,
October 25,
Swedia is in third,
Indonesia is in fourth.

Since October 31st,
I am in Jakarta
for looking a job.
This period,
I am without PC....

This morning,
October 25,
Hongkong taking over
Indonesia position in 
second place.

This morning,
October 22, 2018

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