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Wednesday, March 2, 2016


July 23, 2019.
I got an message from
PT Chevron
the point is
an invitation to attend interview test
on Friday, July 26 in Pekanbaru, Riau.

For the transport accomodation 
I have to pay almost 5 million rupiah first.

I have no enought money
I will not attending that interview selection.  

Today, July 15
remember that many time before
I got an accident in my handphone
made my post
Give Me a Job please, I want to marry

Waiting for a call 
from any company
for joining there.

Finishing today, 
July 10, 2019 Magrib prayer 
A mother, 
a prayer in congregation
give something to other worshipers 
in behind.

she approached me
give something in a plastic bag,
boiled yams.


I say thank you to her.

This afternoon,
October 25,
Swedia is in third,
Indonesia is in fourth.
Since October 31st,
I am in Jakarta
for looking a job.
This period,
I am without PC....

This morning,
October 25,
Hongkong taking over
Indonesia position in 
second place.

This morning,
October 22, 2018

Rusia in the third
I loose Polandia.

Welcome for Polandia
this morning, Tuesday, October16
you taking over the Great Britain position
in third position....

Yesterday, September 28
after long time
Indonesia taking over USA position
in the first position,

because of Facebook.

But this morning,

USA back to 

the first position
Facebook still in the first position
as the source of visiting

Thank you for unknown area
since yesterday, September 11,
you are in the second position
by taking over Indonesia position.

I have a prediction / hoping
that you will give me
something I need, 

This morning, Sunday
August 26,
climb Sambeng mountain
as planed

Thankyou for Norwegia
today, August 24,
You taking over the second position from Indonesia.

Welcome back for Rusia
many days without you
today August 11
you're back in the second position
Thankyou for India
this morning August 12
you surprissing me.

Now, you're in third position
below Rusia
above Indonesia

Since many days ago,
I posted many advertisement,
such as :

For ME

also inside of the article.

I am so sorry 
if that's disturbing your convenient.

I do it, 
because since this month, July 2018
I have no income anymore.

We all know,
that I need a job / income for marrying.

I hope, you are able 
for helping me,

This morning, August 3,
I am surprised
because I get salary,
my last salary from SMK Nawa Bhakti
June salary....

This morning, July 29
as usual,
do sport activity
in the town square.

Alkhamdulillah, arrive in UKESMA UGM because this  afternoon, July 23,
I have to do some efforts
for getting a job
in Wisma Kagama.

This morning, July 22
do sport activity in the town square

Since yesterday,
July 20, USA is in the first position.

Thankyou for Rusia
Today July 19,
You snatch the first position
from USA

After come back from Yogyakarta
knowing that USA
is back to the first position.

This morning, July 17,
insyaAllah I go to Yogyakarta again
for preparing my self
to get a job.....

Welcome back for Rusia.
This morning July 16
you make me surprissed
because you're 
in the first position again of the statistic,

Congratulation for France for winning the 2018 world cup.
Congratulation for Belgia.

Welcome back USA,
today July 15, u're in the first position

as commonly.

Goodbye and thanks for Rusia,
I hope your will back here

No more world cup 2018 contestants
here, July 13.
Before Great Britain comeback
this afternoon.
Do your best 
in your last match 
for third position.

"Today is gonna be the day
That they're gonna throw it back to you
By now you should've somehow
Realized what you gotta do
I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do about you now"

Congratulation for Croatia

Congratulation for France
do your best in world cup.
you're still in third position
behind Rusia and USA

This morning,
July 10, climb Sambeng mountain again

Surprised, this morning
July 8, 11 am
Knowing that 
Rusia is in the first position of statistic
this morning,
have been accessed 68 times

Thanks for France,
today Jully 7,
you're in the second position 
of this place viewers statistics.

and you're the one and only
viewers that still exist 
in the world cup.

This morning, Jully 5
I wake up in my parents house again
after Yesterday
I woke up in Yogyakarta.
The same is
Here is still no laptop / PC.
I only have 1 draft posting lefted.

This afternoon,
July 2, I bring my laptop
which I bought in 2010
to the repair center,
because of the problem.

I leave it there
for being repaired.

June 19,
Congratulation for Japan

This morning
Sunday, June 10,
climb Sambeng mountain.

Meet Mr. Pandi
which is watering the onion crops
he tell me that

there will slaughtering 2 of cows
for the 'Iedul Fitri there.

I hope I can go there
on the second day of 'Iedul Fitri,

on the third day
I do sport activity 
in the town square,


This Sunday morning,
June 3,2018
climb Sambeng mountain
do not go to Tegong market

This morning, June 2
u're in the third position
far away from Ukraina
in fourth

Thankyou for USA
this morning, Thursday 31, May
as ussual

you don't need much time
for taking back
your first position.

This morning, May 30
Indonesia in the first position.

I think because of my friends
the new WA group
which I just know 
this morning.

This Sunday morning
May 27,
I climb Sambeng montain

go to Tegong market
for cutting my hair
I choose milatary hair style

Thankyou to Seychelles 

accessing this place,
Great Britain, 
you're in the third position
today, May 25.

Today, May 20
I don't execute my plan
for climbing Sambeng mount

I need a fit body 
for doing the other.

I go to Tegong market
for buying a ba'pia
but I don't find the ba'pia seller there. 

This Sunday morning,
May 13, 2018
do sport activity 
in the town square
by combining sprint
fast walking

then drink a jamu paitan
at Tegong market.

France !
this morning,
May 8, 2018
you're in third position
do more efforts.

This morning,
May 6, 2018
climb Sambeng mount
go to the Tegong market
for drinking the jamu paitan.

Welcome back Ukraina
you're in the third on may day

This may day
I climb 2 mount
Sambeng mount
Seprih mount.

This morning, 
Sunday, April 29
do sport activity in the town square
2 laps Combining running and fast walking.

Arrive home
knowing that Canada is go away
See you soon
at the better condition.

Thankyou my friends

since yesterday
April 26
you're back to
the second position.

You're great
you are in the second place
April 25 morning
behind your neighbour
defeating my friend.

Welcome for Canada
Thankyou for accessing masdhiki4u
u're in the third position
this Sunday.

This morning, April 22
I climb Sambeng mountain
in accordance to my habbit.

Tomorrow morning
April 18 is a 
PT. Badak LNG staff recruitment test time

I hope I will be hired
I don't attend that selection
because of my limitation,

Thankyou American ( USA )
you are so great today
April 17, 2018

will be greater
if you help me
find a job.

PT. Badak LNG
thanks for inviting me
for interviewing,

interview in Bontang on

so hard for me
who in Kebumen
now April 16,2018.

Just hire me,
insyaAllah I will try my best
for us.

American, you defeated Indonesian in a few minute.

you in the same position
with my friends.

Thankyou for American
for your action on last Saturday.
On that day
your action could't defeated
my friends,
Indonesian's action
the truth
Indonesia is still in 
the highest position
in the viewer statistic.

This holiday morning
April 14,
I climb Sambeng mount,
helping my mother
cleaning our house etc.

No PC here,
I will go out
for looking to
teenage meal in the side
of town road.

before I brought my PC
to service center,

I had a little time
for making a posting draft. 

This morning
April 13, 2018
I bring my PC to the repair center
because a problem
since yesterday.

the staff tell me
it will need 3~5 days
minimal Rp. 150.000,00.

It would caused me
Can't make an update 

Sorry for that problem.

Since many days ago
until now, April 10, 2018
become the third position
in my statistic.

I hope one of them is
Andriy Shevchenko.

This morning, April 6, 2018
I find a money Rp. 10.000,
in the parking area
when I do my job,
to park student's motorcycle.

I hope next day
I will find Rp. 10 billion,
anything best for me,

Thankyou for American
your action Today
April 5, 2018
surprising me.

You become the top of the viewer
defeating all of my friends,
Indonesian people....

Since many days ago
Indonesian people become the top of
the viewer statistic here.

Thankyou my friends
I know this is caused by you.

I hope,
One of you would to
give me
a better job....

This morning,
April 2, 2018
get monthly salary
Rp. 900.000,00

Today, March 26 2018
American ( USA ) 
back to the number 1
viewer statistic,
after a long time.


for PT. Badak LNG,
thankyou for your interview invitation
wich I received on Thursday,
March 15, 2018 
I am sorry that I can't fullfiled your interview invitation
because I need more time for considering it
and consulting first with my parents.

Yesterday, March 12 
I succed to repair my father cellphone,
cheap cellphone which
I bought for 
my mother and my father.

Many cellphone repair center
had denied to repair it
by a reason about its sparepart
is rare.

March 6,
Indonesian is back on the top
I think because of
many person who know me well,
thankyou for loving me....

Today, March 5, 10 years ago.
My parents got a call which informed
that I got an serrious accident.

I hope that accident,
takes away my sins especially
and the sins of my family.

And Allah give me the best job 
sholekhah girl for becoming my wife soon

Thankyou French,
Today, February 23,
your all surprising me,
thankyou for visiting.

Welcome back French,
This morning 
February 20,
yours again
is there any one can help me,

give me a job 
give me a money ?

Today, March 3, 2018
I am become the 2nd person
who arived in the school,

Even though 
last night I got an serious diarrhea
which disturbed my sleep.

I am the 3rd or 4th
after the kitchen staff
the security staff.

thanks for Israel 
for February 10 night.

thanks for french,
today, February 9 is yours.

today, February 8
the viewer of this place is bigger
then many days before.

Long time didn't happened,
thank you for you all.
France, USA, Indonesia,
Rusia for tonight and the others all.

This morning, February 7,
feel very sleepy
because of
very tired in the parking area before.

December 24, coincide my birthday,
32 years ago, I was born.

Do sport activity in the town square,
buy a gasoline.

when back home,
my motorcycle tire is leak,
so I have to repaire in the patching center

I have to pay Rp 10.000

Tegong market has almost finish its activity,
back home.

This sunny morning,
December 17,
I climb sambeng mountain

go to Tegong market,
a complete oyek rice.

meet my mother's friend,
Mrs. Marsiah.

Back home,
take a bath, wash my cloth,
take a breakfeast.

Innalillahi wainnaillaihi roji'un
this afternoon,
December 15,

my mother's elder brother
is die,
we hope the best for him,

Yesterday morning, december 13,
we got an info
that my mother's elder brother
got a severe sick

immediatly treated 
in the nearst hospital.

My parents went to the hospital.
my father back home in the afternoon,
my mother stay there
until now,
December 14.

arrived home,
wash my cloth as ussual,
cheking internet connection.

become normal,
do which
I have to do

Internet connection problem, 
no changes  on 
December 9,
I am so sorry 

Climb a sambeng mountain,
my neighbour and also my mother
that I am fast,

did not think that I had done it.

I say
I have commonly do it,
maybe make me faster

Go to Tegong market,
meet the jamu paitan seller 
after long time.

I ask the reason why,
she say that Allah
want her to take a rest first,
by give her a sick
for a month.
My special activity on Sunday morning,
December, 3

This early holiday morning,
Desember 1,
I have a problem with my
waste my time

My father get an phone call
which inform 
that his friend,
my junior high school teacher,
Mrs. Sri Mulyani
is die
this early morning.
Innalillahi wa innaillaihi ro'ji'un

This town square session.
November 26,
interupt by Telkomsel,
 seluler operator, 

the running lane 
used to do aerobic session.

I also go to the ATM 
beside the town square
last night, 
my mother asked me

that she need to use my money first
Rp 50.000.
which I don't have

This morning,
November 25,

a student from students organization
give me a flower

She and her team
that today is 
a teacher day.

Thankyou for Luthfi Yunan, 
my close friend since 19 years ago, 

which come to  me
November 22,

give me something

which is
one of the most wanted thing
for  me

a job 
a sholekhah Girls, 

a dates fruit. 

this morning, November 19,
is sunny morning.

So, I climb Sambeng mount

drink a glass a chocolate milk.

Go to Tegong market, 
buy a complete Oyek rice
Rp 5000 salak pondoh

which the price is Rp 4000 / kg.

I hope tomorrow morning
is not rain,
so l can climb Sambeng mountain,

this morning, November 17,
I have found the problem on my computer

I do not need to go to repair center.

I can repair it by my self.

I have problem again
with my computer.

I think tomorrow
I can't make 

a major posting.

InsyaAllah tomorrow
I will repair my computer.

Arrived home,
when want to wash my prayer clothes
as normally,
every Thursday,

my mother which want to wash the clothes too

ask my prayer clothing
for being washed.

my dear mother.

Every arrive home,
I wash my work clothes
esspecially the dress

because almost everyday
I have to change my dress.

On Friday,
I do not wash my dress
but my jacket

I use same dress 
on Saturday. 

This morning November 15
finding many old friends
from Undergraduate Program Mechanical Engineering
Gadjah Mada University

After I made a posting in facebook.

I hope we will 
get the best for all,
at least for us.

This Sunday morning,
November 12, 2017
do not climb Sambeng mountain
because of the weather.

Go to Tegong market,

do not find a person 
whom I commonly buy a jamu paitan 
from her.

Buy a batagor Rp. 3000,
pecel, 2 fried bakwan,
1 fried tempe Rp. 4000.

Andrea Pirlo,
thanks for your skills

which made football
entertained us.

We hope the best for you....

Since yesterday,
the job in the parking area
become easier
the parking place

for 3rd years students
on the examination exercise days
is relocated.

But tomorrow,
November 8,
everything will going back
as common.

This morning, November 5,
do sport activity in the town square,
by running. 

Buy a glass extra hot chocolate milk

2 sachet of chocolatos
which my father wanted 
since 2 days ago.

Arrived home,
wash my cloth which I used.

I still able to write here,
because I have the reserve
which given by my organization friend
many years ago.

for making a new posting?

Since October 30
until this morning
November 4,

I always become
I first man

arrive the administration office

I am sorry
because of my computer's condition

I can't make 
a new posting....

Today, November 2,
I go to computer services center
for repairing my computer.

This morning,
October 29,
I can't do sport activity 
in the town square

because of the weather.

On last Friday 
I try to repair my bicycle,

the bicycle's condition
is damaged too badly

This week,
October 23 ~ 28,
I always become the first person

Who come to 
this administration office

Always( almost ) 
become the first person 
who taking an action 
in the parking location

since became a parking attendance.

The KOPLAK cellphone 
service Center 
can't repair my cellphone.

Today, October 23,
I take it back

October 22, 2017
climb Sambeng mountain
stop by in our family house

because they invite me.

Drink a glass of tea
eat the tum - tuman.

One of the man 
ask about my birth year,
he think
I was born in 199x

I am looked younger
than the truth.

Then go to the TEGONG market
buy nothing,

just observing

This morning, October 21,
I go to the KOPLAK market
for checking my cellphone

which had been repaired 

since October 13.

My cellphone repair process
is not finished yet.

Buy a new one?

I still need Rp 30 million soon.

This morning, October 19,
get a internet conection problem.

October 16, 2017
all day long rain ( almost ) 

This morning October 15, 2017
do sport activity 
in the town square,
and also
buy a green been poridge,

the seller ask to me :

Dangu mboten kepanggih mas,
tindakan nopo?
I am smile and answer,

Yesterday. October 14,
Our imam of the village's mosque
was died.
We hope the best for him.

Yesterday afternoon, October 13, 2017
I go to the town
to repair my cellphone 
because of eman-eman.

First go STANPLAT's cellphone repair center,
he didn't capable for repairing it.

Go to FG cellphone center,
she said 
need 2 weeks and Rp. 225.000,

go to the KOPLAK market.

Now waiting for the process 

Long time no dream at sleep,
this early morning
October 13, 2017
dreaming that I meet my soulmate,
I hope this will be realized
so I will marry soon,

Change my google password
to anticipate
if I need to change my cellphone
because of that problem.

Yesterday, October 10, 2017
11:56 am
got an invitation
for attending 


Kelapa Gading.
on same day
at 06.00 pm.

I couldn't attended that event
I had no time for preparing my self.

Since early this week,
I get problem with my gadget.

after my laptop became 
CMOS checksum bad

my cellphone screen 
became blank 
no picture
just light.

If I knock it to the wall or the other,
normal for several time,
then blank again.

This morning, October 8, 2017
climb the Sambeng mountain.
 before, having option 
to do sport activity in the town square


the town square is used to perform 
the music performannce 
from SCTV television station.

the viewer fullfilled the town square. 

Happy Thursday,
are you fasting sunnah today ?

Alkhamdulillah, yesterday,
October 2, 2017 
I got third saary 

from this school,
Rp. 1.012.500,

increase Rp. 10.000 than before

This morning, October 1, 2017,
do not do sport activity in the town square
because of the weather

my mother info
that the town square 
maybe used to do the national ceremony of
the Pancasila Sanctity Day.

so I go to the Tegong market.

Pagi ini, 30 September 2017,
alkhamdulillah sama seperti kemarin
menjadi orang pertama
yang sampai di kantor Tata Usaha.

Langsung ke tempat parkir,
memarkir kendaraan siswa.

Saat memarkir motor Yamaha Vixion
mengalami sedikit kesulitan
karena motor telah dimodifikasi
dan distandar tengah.
Berat banget,

alkhamdulillah siswa pemilik motor
sedang duduk di teras kelas,
samping tempat parkir.

Datang  hampiri,
membantu saya.

Saya bilang maturnuwun

Since September 25, 2017
my work time in SMK Nawa Bhakti
became 07.00 am ~ 04.00 pm
because of the midterm exam 

Since September 21, 2017
my PC is in problem,
disturbing my activity.

Yesterday September 25, 2017
I solved that problem,
but today
September 26, the problem is back.

Can you help me? 

This morning, September 17, 2017
before do sport activity in the town square
go to the doctor first
because of my new problem in my left foot.

After did sport activity
I do not drink a glass of milk there
because the doctor forbid it

Yesterday, September 15, 2017
Arrived home from did jum'at prayer.
Found that I got sms from unidentified number.

The content is inform me about
the vacancy in the PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia,


Since last Sunday until now Tuesday, September 12,
difficult for me to speak
because of a litle cough.

Yesterday, September 8, 2017,
when I confused about my money
I have to buy a fuel for my motorcycle today,
need to buy a date palm
for continuing the rosul sunnah
my younger cousin will marry 
in the other town. 

without I ask
my father give me a money
IDR 100.000

I still have a money
that is for the other
that is more urgent.

Yesterday, got an announcement from the school
that today, September 6, 2017 is holiday

because of the village leader election 
in many village of our region.

so, this morning I climb Sambeng mountain
and then
go to the Tegong market

yesterday, September 4, 2017
I got my second salary,

This month, my salary is IDR 1.002.500  
Because of the charge for compulsory savings.

This morning, September 3, 2017
do sport activity in the Kebumen town square
as scheduled.
The special are

do it with my close friend since Junior High School,
Luthfi Yunan
meet my friend when Senior High School,

Go to my close friend house,
take a breakfast there 
and so on.

Yesterday, August 31, 2017.
something strange happened.

After did the 'ashar prayer in the mushola,
my body feels tired,
lying in the bed room.

I realized that my father rebuked me
because I sound the call to prayer in the mushola.

Bapak told me,
that he have said me when I went to the mosque again,
I've been asked,
my purpose goes by complete prayer clothes.

I can not remember at all

when I set off again to the mosque

Today, August 30, 2017
I fail to donate my blood.
The Indonesia Red cross staff
say that my vena is too small.

Many time before,
Esspecialy in Yogyakarta,
no problem....

Since yesterday, August 28, 2017
my close friend here ( in the school) 

a kitchen staff
someone who always serve a drink
every morning
frequently call me ustadz Mansyur.

Yesterday, he took my picture 
by his cell phone,

said  that I am hansome
and  my face is shiny.

I said alkhamdulillah 
thankyou many times

He showed my picture to my leader
and other staff

by asked
that the picture is like ustadz Mansyur.

This morning, August 26,2017
fill the students database book
since many days before.

make me know that,
most of the job of the students's parents
is a laborers.

This truth make me sad and simpaty
because the study cost here is expensive,
this school is private school.

Yesterday morning,
August 22, 2017
I made a one student's motorcycle fall down
in parking area,
because of its crowded area.

there was a student who was care to me
help me solved that problem.

This morning, August 20, 2017.
My mother go to the town square
for watching the carnival show.

My mother and my father
also remind me
that when I and 2 of my older brother 
still a young child

watching the Indonesia's independent day
carnival show 
with many funny memories.

too sweet to forget.....

when I do sport activity
in Kebumen town square,

I meet many person
from my past 

Junior high school teacher,
Junior High school officer, 
who is my father's friend,

and ofcourse

my work place's friend,
who are preparing 
the carnival show.

one of them 
knowing that I do sport activities regularly
because of 
accessing this place.

I am surprised,
that my friend from the school
where I work
also accessing this place.

Yesterday, August 18, 2017 afternoon
someone abroad called me by phone

He ensure 
I am mas dhiki,
Dhiki Supodo.

I confirm that,

then he told me about email.

I think he is
someone who
will give me 

a company
a business
a job.

when I check my email,
I only found spam email
told about US $ 3. 500. 000.

Yesterday August 17, 2017
my village presenting
our village's ebleg group
which the member is a young person ( child )

the most interesting at that perform 
when the most of the member
and also
the audiences become kepranjingan,

In unconscious condition,
eat the flower in the water,
want to eat a live chicken 

so funny
and also
sometimes frightening.....

August 16, a day before Indonesia's independent day,
and also
my brother,
Agus Mindarto's birth day.

I use new strategy in parking area,
try to pay bpjs charge

buy batagor in school's cafetaria.

tomorrow have to use
the new uniform.

This August 15,2017
after parked 
the student's motorcycle
in normal direction,

ask to my leader,
what kind of job
which I can / have to do.
He answer,
No job yet.

I go to the motorcycle tune up center
tune up my motorcycle.

I leave my motorcycle there,
back to shool.

Today, August 14, 2017
Our school do not do ceremony 
for scout day,
I remember 
that school commonly
have a rule
in a week 
only do one ceremony.
Next Thursday
Indonesia indepent day,
we will do ceremony 
on that day....

on Sunday, August 13,2017
I climb Sambeng mountain
as scheduled.
then go to Tegong market
for buying scout tie
August 14 is scout day ceremony
and also
buy jamu paitan..... 

This morning,
August 12, 2007
is the easiest parking job ever
because almost a half number
of student motorcycle
have been parked since yesterday
because of scout full day activity.


we don't need to change 
the motorcycle direction.
today the motorcycle parked in coming direction.

Yesterday morning,
August 11, 2017,
I asked my friend to cut my hair 
in the school

He cut my hair untill the head skin,
more than I wanted,
but alkhamdulillah
no problem for me......

Alkhamdulillah, since yesterday morning 8 August 2017
I change my morning activities habitual
for the best for us

August 02, 2017 sleepy morning

Alkhamdulillah this morning, August 01, 2017
I know my monthly salary
Total Rp. 1.060.000,00
US $ 79.56

and I get it today.

I do not know yet
the fate of my contribution in the previous month

since January.

7 month work here
get salary one time 
based on an agreement 
beetwen my father and this school

that I can work here
from January
without salary until
the end of educational year period.

because of 
I already have livelihoods / source of income.

Today is 
the right time for 
starting looking for a sholihah girl

for becoming my wife.

Do you want to marry with me ?

Yes, You are !

According to my habitual,
this morning, July 30, 2017
I should to do sports activity in the town square,

after last week,
climb Sambeng mountain
because of my motorcycle tire leaked,
I do not do it.

At least,
every morning I have always gemrobyos
because I park student motorcycles

in the school.

this morning, July 26, 2017
hardest day ( i hope ) in parking zone
because of 

the miss comunication of 
the parking zone gate officer,

open the gate again 
after have been closed. 

as ussual
this morning, July 23, 2017
do sport activity

by climb Sambeng mount

having any idea
for the next post

difficult for 
finding wifi access here....

May be
have to use 
my cellular internet service today
July 22,2017.

Today, July 21, 2017
i think the harder day than before
to park the students motorcycle.
I will always do it by my heart


that's my responsibility here,
didn't get salary yet. 

Today, July 19, 2017
as commonly since July 17,
every early morning
I am busy in parking area,
to park student's motorcycle
that's my new responsibility.

Since July 10,
I didn't yet get my main responsibility,
inputing data to the computer. 

and also

I didn't yet get salary
from this school
since January  02, 2017.

Today, July 06,2017
Posting emergency post
I am busy
Yesterday, my father had been operated in the hospital
because of his tame tumor.


start this period,
my position been changed

become staff who inputing administration data
to the computer.

I love my first position 
because of its subject ( CNC & AutoCAD )
its location

This morning, June 30, 2017
Arrived in Yogyakarta,
the time that Mr. Barrack Obama
leave this city.

this morning, June 28, 2017
I run in my village road
by HIIT method
burning my body fat
proving to my neighbours
which didn't believe / doubt
that I able to run, 
after serrious accident in 2008
which made my left foot in problem for stepping.

this morning, June 26, 2017 
second days of 'Iedul Fitri
I climb Sambeng mountain for visitiing and meeting my family there
in 'Iedul Fitri theme.

This morning I visited 
the biggest number of house 
meet the the biggest number of person there 
in the 'Iedul Fitri theme

many years before

Happy 'Iedul Fitri all of my friend/family.
I hope our life become better
we will meet in the paradise,

I am busy today for visiting my neighbour house for saying 
I am sorry for my mistakes
happy 'Iedul fitri.....

arrived home,
from my grand prents ( from my father ) grave yard by climb seprih mountain

for praying for them

as had been scheduled, 
this morning, June 18.

Today, June 18, 2017
My mother is 60 years old,


I still jobless and not married yet.

Since early January, 
I get an activity because i met someone 

who are the leader in an organization 
which that organization have a technical school 

when I did Sunday sport activity in town square


As long as I join in that school 
I don' t get salary/income from there.

I still need an activity which also give me income.

Who ever you are 
If you have business,
give me opportunity for joining in your business, please...

I want to make my mother and my family proud of me 


didn't become a problem for them

This morning, June 11, climb sambeng mountain,
go to my grandparents (from my mother)graveyard 
for praying for them.

InsyaAllah next week go to my other grandparents (from my father) graveyard 
in Seprih mountain

Yesterday, June 8, 2017
remembered my mistake/unfriendly action to my first year elementary school friend, 


when we are in same school, SD N Seling.
Last 'iedul fitri, I have tried to meet him in his house for saying sorry,
but I  didn't met him.

I hope this June I can meet him and say sorry.


Reminder :

Requirement for our worship accepted by Allah :
  1. Doing because of Allah
  2. Do as the Prophet shallallahu 'alaihi wasallam did.

this morning, June 4,2017
I join a social / public work
for hardening our village road.

I hope you also allocating 
your time for social purpose.

a Prayer for breaking the fasting which more clear its history :

ذَهَبَ الظَّمَأُ، وابْتَلَّتِ الْعُرُوقُ، وثَبَتَ اْلأَجْرُ إِنْ شَاءَاللهُ

Dzahabazh zhama'u, wabtallatil 'uruuqu, wa tsabatal ajru insyaAllah.

its meaning:

Have lost the thirst, have wet the throat, may there be a reward been setted, insyaAllah [Hadits saheeh, Narated by Abu Daud (2/306, no 2357) and besides; See Shahih al-Jami ': 4/209, no. 4678)] [Sharah Hisnul Muslim, chapter Prayer 'inda Ifthari ash-Shaim, hadith no. 176.]

The prayer is read after consuming the dish of breaking fasting.

Today, June 1, 2017 is a holiday
I cleaning our bathroom
I think need to be cleaned.

How about your bathroom?

This morning, May 31,2017,
my friend in SMK Nawa Bakti talk to me 
SMK become quiet, especially its mosque

because yesterday, 
I backed home early
for did adzan in my village mosque. 

I meet this day, May 27, 2017.
First day of the Ramadlan month.

I hope become better Ramadlan than before,
my effort and pray

will be answered 

by Allah


something the best for me 
for all..... Amiin.

This Morning May 23,2017
Back from Subuh prayer in mushola,
I get info from television news,

that the Kentucky Kid, 
Nicky Hayden,
Moto GP 2006 World Champion is die.

Goodbye Nicky Hayden.

You're great rider.

I remember my friend story,


which die because of  had been hitted by a car when ride a bicycle
for looking for a grass for his cattle.

of course I remember my self history,
hitted by a car when walking

got serrious head injury 
coma for 1 month and 2 days.   

Last Sunday, May 7, 2017
When I did sport activity as usual
Climb a Sambeng hill,

a little child told to his elder doughter or friend

" there is a lame person "

I just smiled
didn't care,

just a child......

Today, April 23, 

three years ago,
for the first time,
I published this blog,
by domain :

I hope this place 
can give as something

which usefull for our live

In the next life....

Yesterday, April 22, 2017
One of my senior high school friends

called me 
He said will give me something

I think
he will give a posting,

but he ask 
my bank account.

InsyaAllah he will give me 
some money.

It will become the first
for this place.

InsyaAllah Allah 
will give you
the best for you
my friend,

Yesterday morning, April 20, 2017
all motorcycle accident problem had been accomplished by peace
without a police.

as you all know,
this accident is a common thing in a traffic.
no one wanted it.

This morning, April 18, 2017,
know that 2 person were involved in the motorcycle  accident 
are a student.

My friend tell me,
that their parents want to call a police,
for proccessing me,

Now I am waiting for that......

This afternoon, April 17, 2017,
I get a motorcycle accident
In front of Nawa Bhakti Technical school gate
with a mother and her doughter

Innalillahi wa innaillaihi roji'un

this early morning,
April 7, 2017
my beloved elementary school teacher,
and also my close family,

Hj. Sri Sudarsih,

who teach us by love,
called back to Allah.
I hope we will be joined together again
in the paradise,

Last night, March 28, 2017
My parents asked me for marriage because of my age.

even though I still jobless.
At the same time,
I was reading Al Qur'an, An Nur section,
I tell my parents about the An Nur : 32 and 33.

At the same time, my parents were watching a Dunia Terbalik sinetron,
which is about 

a village where 
the wife is become wage earner in abroad
the husband as a housekeeper in the home 
such as for taking care of child.

I took that situation as my reason that I am not married yet.
Altough you all know that 

This afternoon, March 26,2017
Can't help my father replace big amount of rice to the rice house.

My father do it himself by his back although the amount is bigger than his body.
I can only see because of my body limitation.
I hope I get a job soon, so I can help my father better.

This morning, March 18, 2017
trying something new.
today my father is 63 years old 

Have you sent me
something which I need,
preparing a job for me,

If not yet,
no problem,
we still friend.

I still have Allah
my lovely family.

Allah will give me
something the best for us
at the best time,

at least say amiin for me please,
== mas dhiki ==

today, December 18, 2016.
I do sport activity again in Kebumen square
car free day,

I went to Sambeng 'mountain'

last Thursday night,
December 15, 2016
I arrived in my house again

whoever you are,
if you want to give me something,
such as,

a job,
a house,
a car,
a shoes,

I will be very happy,
I hope, Allah will give you
then something
given to me.....

for loving me,
for being my eyes,
when I couldn't see....

Today, Desember 4, 2016

I want to say I'm sorry
I was busy and will busy
at least until next 2 week.
I will go to KSA for doing umroh

Today, November 26, 2016.

I cut my hair for preparing,
next Wednesday interview,
Pray for me PLEASE !!!!

Today,November 20, 2016.

I am in Yogyakarta

I am sorry

yesterday, November 14, 2016
I was sick.

November 8, 2016
find that what I did,
doesn't work 

today, November 7, 2016.
try to use the other time
for poublishing a new post.

I will see what will happen

today, October 24, 2016.
waiting for someone call me
informing that I am hired...... 

I hope tomorrow I am hired by the best company 
in this life 
in the next life,

I am sorry my friends,
this period I'm busy with my body for my health.
offcourse for finding a job for my future.

yesterday October 12, 2016.
my uncle and his wife
comeback from did haji.
they give ,many thing from Saudi Arabia,
I hope i can go there soon 
do haji or umroh,

happy 'asyura day !!!.....

today October 8, 2016
alkhamdulillah, already learned
how to do umroh
complete with the prayer.

For you !!!
Yes, you !!

whoever you are,if you have bussiness here, 
in Indonesia
give me a position in your bussiness please....

Today, September 26, 2016
Remember my big mistake in this year.
I hope I will get a job soon 
collect Rp 38 million soon
for payying that mistake

Today, September 11, 2016. 
and also 
arafah day

I hope my name
called there
when wukuf

My hajat
will be realized soon


next year
I go there for wukuf


Today, August 01,2016. 
Busy for making a document.
I hope PT. Jaya CM get a project this early August and call me for a job.
I need it for avoiding working for a bank.
I am doubt about working for a bank law depend on the Islam law.

Someone please rescue me from working for a bank,please!!!!!

Today, July 30, falling down from the bycycle twice.Today I am busy because of sport activity, so there is no new posting. For tomorrow InsyaAllah I am still in that activity,I love it!

Today, July 20, 2016.
have been interviewed
Waiting for the next stage at PT. Jaya CM.

Today July 19, 2016.
arived in Kalibata,South Jakarta. This afternoon get spesific schedule for the interview.

I am sorry,today July 17, 2016.
I do not make a new posting because of the big problem here.Tomorow I think I also can't make it because insyaAllah I will back to Jakarta for finding a job.Next Wednesday insyaAllah will attend the interview with PT. Jaya Construction Management in Pancoran,South Jakarta. Help me, pray for me please,so that I accepted there and than I marry with the best girl for me,solekhah girl as soon as possible, amiin.....

Today, July 10, 2016.
I have already edited the ARCHIEVED POST, BODY and SOUL item which can't be accessed because of my mistaken,
I am sorry for that problem.

Happy 'Idul Fitri, 
I hope we willl always make an effort for making our life here and our next life become a beautifull life,  Amiin.

June 15, make new olx account 
eventhough can't make an adv. as I want

June 9, 2016.
remove my account in olx
will make the new one soon,

June 3, decided to make an advertisement in
about I am looking for a job.

until now June 7, 2016.
no one call me for a job.

Lowongan pinggir jalan
belum satupun
mampu selamatkanku........
tipenya sama,
penjelasan yg ditunda

Maaf, ibu, bapak, hari ini, 11 Mei 2016.               
anakmu ini, 
belum bisa berikan berita bahagia yang sama-sama kita harapkan.Semoga bisa secepatnya,  amiin.......

I am sorry because today, April 29, 2016. 
I can't make a new post because many thing.
I am not sure about tommorrow, because tomorrow I need to move my stuff to my rented room.


This periode I need longer time because I have to accompany my neighbour's child study for preparing his final examination, that time I usualy use to read Al Qur'an.

Today, April 17, 2016. 
I have to get a rented room because better for me to leave my brother's family house as soon as possible.
I am sorry that I couldn't make a posting yesterday and also today.

April 16, 2016. 
the tired day I am the first man who arrived in the interview place but I am not the first man whom interviewed, also not the second.

Unti now, April 1, 2016. 
there isn't yet people who can help me to get a job.
Could you help me please?

whoever you are,american,russian, indonesian, whoever !!

 Today, March 18, 2016.
 my father's 62 years birthday but I still cant make my father proud of me because I am jobless.Help me for giving my father something make him proud of me please, you may give me a job.

Dina kie, Rebo, 16 Maret 2016.
krasa ngenes.
kaya ora due bala, 
urung ana kanca sing bisa wei aku pegawean.
jamane agi angel embok
senajan aku pancen bakal lewih seneng tur lewih ngusahakna ulih gawean liwat ( cara wong bule nyebute ) open play.
Kaya bal balan bae.

Jane ndisit ana kanca jaman kuliah sing nawani,
kon dadi tukang ngedeki bengkel karo liyane
sing butuh oli, kon nganggo oli pertamina.

Apik jane, aku apa bae be insyaAllah gelem,
nek aku bisa, dadi maklar crane be tek lakoni, moga - moga payu. 

masalahe kontrak 4 wulan nang ndesa,
dadi aku mandan angel karo nggolet2 gawean liyane
sing udu kontrak.

aku njaluk ngapura, 
urung bisa mbantu,
maturnuwun, esih kelingan aku,

==mas dhiki==

2 days ago, Saturday, March 12, 2016.
 my father come to my brother house whom I also live there until I get a job, insyaAllah.
I am very happy meet and interact with my parents.
we go to the masjid together.
On Sunday, I invite my parents to go to the place where there is car free day event.
We go there on foot, I explain about many things, make my parents meet and interact with many person whom I regularly interact with them.
Sunday afternoon, I and my brother accompany my parents for waiting the bus.
Before that, I help my parents for buying the bus tickets for back home.

Ofcourse I am very happy and my parents too.

We will be happier if this week I get a job!!!

Today, February 14, 2016. 
I remember about my father when I was junior high school.
We were in the same school because my father was a administration staff there.
At that time, I am sure that insyaAllah I will get a bright future, based on my achievement.
But now,after I got coma at my study time in UGM in 2008, many thing are difficult for me.
I am sorry my father, mother, brothers, I can't yet make you proud of me.
I love you all.
Until now there aren't yet friends who help me.
I hope Allah will help me for getting a job soon, amiin.....

Today, February 9, 2016. 
my mother send me sms which indicate that she have understand in my reason and hope I get a job, a best job for me soon.
I hope, you want and able for helping me to get that job, Amin.....

Someone, give me a job, please !!!

You can review my application document


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I'm Your Screet Admirrer

I am fine,
how about you?

this period,
I can back to my habbit
I take a bath before Subuh
and also
before 'ashar.

first, that is caused by my problem in the school
but now,
i enjoy it,
and insyaAllah will try do that consistently.

I think you're kidding....
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thankyou for admiring me....

I hope we will become a better person.....


Assalamu 'alaikum warakhmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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