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Monday, November 5, 2018


Islam teaches Muslims to strive,
compile a plan,

The rest is tawakal
total surrender of Allah will.

“Allah will not change
the condition of a people
until they change
the condition
which is in themselves” (Surah Ar-Ra'du: 11)

Another verse mentions :

“O you who believe,be taqwa to Allah,
and should every person
pay attention to what he prepared for tomorrow,

and be taqwa to Allah.
Allah is very thorough on what you do.”
(Surah al-Hasyr: 18)

Tawakal is an attitude that arises from
man's awareness of himself
who is weak in the presence of Rabb.

Leave over the final decision to the Creator
after the effort is deployed to the fullest.

This attitude is what keeps him always
feel important to pray,
begging for help and guidance

so the will that he formulated
get Allah's approval
granted by
Allah subhânahu wata'âla.

And even if not answered,
nor do they regret themselves
because since the beginning
it has submitted
results not to yourself.

The virtue of words insyaAllah
Sulaiman bin Dawud alaihimassalaam said:
Really I'm going to round (rotate)
my 100 wife tonight,
so that each woman will give birth to a child
who will strive in the way of Allah.

Then one Angel said to him:
say insya Allah.
But prophet Sulaiman did not say and forget.

Then he went around to his wives,
further results no one gave birth to a child
except for one woman
who gave birth to half a human.

Prophet Muhammad shallallahu alaihi wasallam
said :
If Prophet Sulaiman said InsyaAllah,
undoubtedly he did not violate his oath,
and more expected to be fulfilled.
(HN al-Bukhari and Muslim
from Abu Hurairah,
lafadz hadits according to al-Bukhari's narration).

In this hadits
contained several important matters
that sayings of InsyaAllah
if mentioned in the oath,
then it was not achieved,
then that person is not considered
to be in violation of the oath.

The next virtue of insyaAllah is,
InsyaAllah's words is
make it easy for the intestines to be fulfilled.

God willing not a speech
a place of refuge from the unresolved promise.

Insyaallah contains education
about the attitude of tawadu'.
Giving attention to the ultimate meaning
insyaAllah also bring humans
at the peak of tawheed consciousness:

only Allah
where everything depends.

InsyaAllah also assumes someone
to believe in the destiny and Allah’s iradah
( the will of Allah ).

May we always be guided
in every speech and whim,
in order to istiqamah on the right path,
which is sanctioned by Allah.

== mas dhiki ==

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