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Monday, November 5, 2018


Polio Diagnosis and Treatment
An initial diagnosis of polio can be done
by asking for symptoms experienced by patients,

has been given the previous polio vaccine
or make contact with polio sufferers,
and through a physical examination.

What are the usual tests for polio?
The doctor will diagnose whether we are
having paralysis or neck stiffness
and back, difficulty swallowing and breathing,
and abnormal reflexes.

The doctor will check for typical symptoms
in the form of paralysis in children,
accompanied by non-specific symptoms
viral infection,

like fever, muscle aches and sore throat.

The doctor will take samples from
spinal cord with lumbar injection
and examine fluids
to look for signs of infection.

The doctor can do a virus check
from stool samples, throat fluid,
and blood.

The polio virus can be detected through
examination of specimens from the throat
and feces.

Several methods for checking viruses
commonly used is with
virus screening, genome sequencing,
and serological examination.

Examination of cerebrospinal fluid samples,
feces, or mucus will be done
to confirm the diagnosis.

Medication and Treatment
Information provided
is not a substitute for medical advice.
ALWAYS consult your doctor.

What are the treatment options for polio?
Polio cannot be cured.

There is no treatment
which can cure polio
if the polio virus has infected someone.

But there are some things that can be done
as supportive care
to prevent complications and make
sufferers feel more comfortable,

like physical therapy
to prevent loss of muscle function,
painkillers, nutritious eating patterns,
adequate rest, and breathing apparatus
if needed.

The duration of treatment depends on
the severity of viral infections
which enter and attack the body.

Ibuprofen or similar drugs
only helps control pain.

Physical therapy with a nutritious diet
can improve health and stamina.

Your doctor will advise us
to use another method
to help you feel more comfortable
at the time of infection.

Treatment at home
Any lifestyle changes
or home remedies that can be done
to overcome polio?

Here is a lifestyle
and home remedies
which can help us overcome poliomyelitis:

1. Regular physiotherapy so that 
    the muscles do not shrink.
2. Contact your doctor if you feel
    exposed to this disease or polio

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