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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


3. Contact your doctor if you are
     diagnosed with polio and symptoms worsen.
4. Make sure you have been vaccinated
     to prevent paralysis with the polio vaccine
     before traveling to the area
     with polio.

Polio Complications
Disability, leg and hip deformities,
and temporary or permanent paralysis
can occur due to polio paralysis.

Although surgery and physical therapy can be done
to overcome deformities in joints,
this action is not recommended for sufferers
who is in an active polio environment

because it can result

lifetime disability potential.

Polio Prevention
Immunization is the most effective action
in preventing polio.

Prevention of polio can be done
by increasing public awareness
the importance of giving polio immunization
in children.

prevention steps through immunization
still very important to do.

It aims to provide immunity
for life-long polio,
especially in children.

Children must be given
four doses of polio vaccine are not active,
ie when they are 2 months old,
4 months, between 6-18 months,
and the last is
between the ages of 4 - 6 years.

Currently there are two vaccines available
to fight polio
which is a vaccine with inactive polio virus (IPV)
and oral polio vaccine (OPV).

IPV consists of a series of injections
starting from 2 months after birth
and continues until the child is 4-6 years old.

This vaccine is made from an inactive polio virus,
but it is very safe and effective and
cannot cause polio.

OPV is created from a weak form
or weakened from the polio virus,
and become the vaccine of choice
in many countries
because the costs are cheaper,
ease of giving, and ability to
provide excellent immunity
in the intestine.

OPV is also known to be able to return
to the dangerous form of the polio virus
which is capable of paralyzing vaccinated people,
so that prime conditions are needed
to accept OPV.

Whereas adults
who must get
a series of polio vaccines
are those who have never been vaccinated
or the vaccination status is unclear.

Polio booster vaccination is highly recommended
to anyone who is not vaccinated
or not sure if he has ever been vaccinated.

Some people are given the polio vaccine
can experience allergies.

Allergic reactions that may occur
and usually appears after a few minutes
for several hours is dizziness, weakness,
swollen throat, difficulty breathing, pale
hoarse, hives, and heart beating fast.

See a doctor immediately
if you experience allergy symptoms
after injection.

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