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Sunday, July 21, 2019


5. Better use Blender, Instead of

Using Modern Juice Machine.
To make the juice,
it does not matter if we do not have
a modern juice maker.
Because the modern juice making machine
is quite expensive.
Modern juice maker machine
on the market today
separates automatically between the fiber
and the juice is there,
thus releasing the benefits of the existing fiber.

By the use of a blender,
the fiber contained in fruits and vegetables
will not be lost because of the juice and pulp
do not separated.
If using a blender,
we can add a little water
while going to process that vegetables and fruit.

6. Do not Dispose Pulp of Juice
By juicing,
fiber content in fruits and vegetables is lost
because usually in juice making machine
will be apportioned between the juice and the pulp.
On that pulp left behind fiber
that contained in fruits and vegetables.
To keep the fulfillment of our fiber needs,
put a little the pulp left in our juice.

Or the pulp can be used for a mix of cuisine.

7. Sour juice is not for the morning   
Glad to open our day by drinking juice in the morning?
morning is the most appropriate time
to drink the juice,
because fruit juice contains
a lot of water and fiber
which will be beneficial for digestion.

To avoid stomach pain,
avoid acidic fruits for juice in the morning.

Banana, papaya, apples or carrots
could be the right choice
for the fruit juice in the morning.

8. Juice should not be stored for a long time
Juice that has been created
should be drunk immediately.
Make a new juice and then drink
in the afternoon or evening
lowering the benefits of the juice.

Vitamins that there can be damaged
by oxygen and ultraviolet that are around us.

If unable to consume the juice directly,
can be done by way of
juicing as cold as possible,
then stored in a sealed aluminum thermos.
Cold conditions and protection from light
helps maintain the vitamins
contained in the juice for 4 hours.

== mas dhiki ==

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