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Friday, July 5, 2019


For ME

July 23, 2019.
I got an SMS message

inform me 
that I got email message
about interview selection in PT. Chevron.  

Message from
PT Chevron
the point is
an invitation to attend interview test
on Friday, July 26 in Pekanbaru, Riau.

For the transport accomodation 
I have to pay almost 5 million rupiah first.

I have no enought money

I will not attend that interview selection.

I hope Allah give me the best

Last Monday, July 15, 2019
Applying job vacancy in 
Chevron Pacific Indonesia.

employed there,

July 10,2019
Hoping receive a money from anywhere and anyone
Sorry, today August 7
I changed the order of posts
because I had time to change it
to be accepted by google adsene.

Because I need income
I think
insyaAllah, Allah will give me
the best job.

While I can still share
as usual
June 23,
I just be aware
that I have made a post
about the fast of Syawal

on the previous syawal.

Happy 'Idul Fitri 1439 H
Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum

May the month of Ramadlan
which we have lived dozens of times
leaving marks on our personality

until we return to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala
Today, May 27
when I make Tarawih Prayer....4
as a draft posting
I being conscious 
I made a mistake
on last Thursday posting.

On that day I publish
Tarawih Prayer....3
the truth
I have to publish
Tarawih Prayer....2.

I am sorry for that mistake
tomorrow I will publish
Tarawih Prayer....2

Today May 11, 2018
Preparing a document
for applying 
an online job vacancy

Thanks for all
don't forget to
help me find a job.

Everyone who have
relations ( family / friends)  
here, Indonesia

whom having a business / company
please contact them
for giving me a job there.
Thankyou for loving me.... 

For American ( USA )
isn't Chevron Pacific Indonesia
is yours ?

This morning,
April 11, 2018
get recruitment test invitation 
by email
from PT. Chevron Pacific Indonesia

for Friday, April 13, 2018
in Riau.

I am sorry,
I can't fullfil that invitation,


Riau is far away from my place
for the selection
close enough 
for agreement.

This early morning,
April 7, 2018,
I get internet connection
with my PC.
So I can't make any update
in this place,

I am sorry for that problem.

I hope,
after someone
showing his respectness

he give me a job,

Today, March 18, 2018
My father is 64 years old,
I hope my father always istiqomah
in Islam
and always in Allah's bleus.
I hope my father get fighter in law
for me soon,

This morning, December 29, 2017
my father will be medically operated
because of his hernia problem.

I need your help
for praying for my father

for his health,

I am, 
Dhiki Supodo 
declare that I need help

a doctor,
a nurse,
the other.

Have to a muslimah,
a good muslimah.

I need you for become my wife.

Give me a clue,
the way
how to find you?

I, Dhiki Supodo,

that I do not allow anyone to use photos and personal information on this blog to any media.

If there are account or others who disseminate personal information or photos on this blog to the any media on behalf of and or taking photos on this blog and use it to cheat, harm and defame the private owner of the blog and other people,

then I am not responsible both morally and materially, and will be faced with a lawsuit.

And if there are a request to transfer funds in the name of this blog,
by the absence of trade transactions,
it is definitely a scam.

       Thank you,

== Dhiki Supodo ==

This date, March 5, in 2008.
My friend told my parents that i have got an serrious accident.
Made me coma in a month and 2 day.
That's picture is my condition in coma.

Now I have little handicap in my left foot
that I think make me hard for finding a job,
even though in this condition, I regularly doing sport activity
like a 

Whoever you're, if you are a man like me,
I am sure you know my condition.

I hope you want to help me for finding a job
I can continuing this life phase


Who ever you are,

especially whom I have applied in your company.

Help me please,

Give me a job.

You have to review my application document first 

in the right side 


this blog.


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