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Thursday, July 25, 2019


The Prophet shallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam
said to her :

"Do not be spent.
it will benefit women and
be loved by their husbands ”
[Abu Dawud, no. 5271,
hasan hadits,
because the way is a lot.
See Shahihah Lineage, no. 722]

6. Satan dwells in dirty places,
including on non-circumcised skin.

Satan blew on his cock,
which he does not blow on the circumcised person.

There are four conditions
someone does not need to be circumcised
has fallen obligations towards him.

Someone who was born
in a state of circumcision.

This person does not need to be circumcised.
Such is the agreement of the ulama.
Only part of the mutaakhirin (later) ulama
Said :

"It is recommended that the knife
pass through the circumcision site,
because that's what he can do,
and the Prophet shallallaahu ‘alaihi wassallam said,

’If I command,
then do everything you can ".
[HN. Bukhari, no. 7288 and Muslim, no. 1337.]

Ibnul Qayyim rahimahullah said,
"The truth is,
this action is makruh.
No need to get closer to Allah
subhanahu wa ta'ala by it.

And there is no need to worship with the example.
And syaria shelter from it,
because it is a futile act
which has no rules.

Passing a knife is not the goal.
But as a means for a purpose.

If the goal has been reached,
then there is no meaning for the means."
[Tuhfatul Maudud, Ibnul Qayyim, p. 120,
Tharhut Tatsrib, al Iraqi (2/76)]

If someone can't stand the pain
when circumcised,
because it is sick or old,
and others.

Fear of him
destruction and weakness continues,
then in this situation,
he was permitted not to circumcise.

Someone converted to Islam when he was an adult,
and he is afraid of perishing;
then the law of circumcision falls from him
according to jumhur.

Someone who died,
whereas he hasn't circumcised,
it doesn't need to be circumcised,
because circumcision is prescribed
when someone is still alive,
and it was lost with death,
then there is no benefit to circumcising it.
[See Tuhfatul Maudud,
Ibnul Qayyim, p. 120-121]

1. Hold a circumcision feast event.
This amaliah has no origin from Syari'a,
an act of mubadzir, even bid'ah.

2. Skinning part of the entire skin
of the testicles when circumcised,
as happens in some countries or regions.

3. Not carefully choosing physicians or doctors,
especially for girls
which can have fatal consequences for the future.

4. Frighten children who will circumcise
by stories that are not true
can damage the aqidah of the child.

5. Neglect some people in aurat problems
when circumcised
people as they please
see the great nakedness whom circumcised,
especially against the opposite sex.

== mas dhiki ==

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