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Monday, July 22, 2019


Purpose and Benefits of Khitan
Khitan has very important functions and benefits
for the benefit of syiar Islam.
Because, khitan aims for
physical and spiritual health.

For men,
khitan is useful for
simplify and speed up
physical cleansing process
as one of the legal requirements for worship,
especially those related to urine impurities.

From a medical standpoint,
as expressed by medical experts,
khitan has benefits for health
because of removing limbs
which is a dirt hideout,
viruses, bacteria and bad odors.

Urine contains all of that’s elements.

When urine comes out through the skin
which covers the genitals,
the sludge deposits are commonly called smegma
some are held by the skin.

The longer,
the deposits will increase.

You can imagine
how often does someone urinate in a day
and how many deposits
which is stored by genital cover skin
in a year.

if not cleaned,
the retained sludge
can cause infection of the penis
and cervical cancer
to women who have sex with him.

[See Tuhfatul Maudud, Ibnul Qayim, p. 46-49]

1. Circumcision is the glory of Syari'a
which Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala gave
for Allah’s servants,

enhance zahir and inner beauty,
perfect the religion of Hanif
the father of the prophets and apostles,
as the ancestors of the descendants of Isma’il and Ishaq;
he was Prophet Ibrahim.

Khitan is the dye and sign of Allah
subhanahu wa ta'ala towards Allah’s servants.

Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala said :
"Shibghah of Allah.
And who is better in shibghah
than Allah ?" [al Baqarah : 138].

2. As a sign of ubudiah to Allah
subhanahu wa ta'ala,
as before,
that marks the ear or body
on sahaya slave
as a sign of their self-servitude
to his employer.

If the slave runs away from his employer,
he returned to him
through the intermediary of the sign.

Then no one denies,
whoever has circumcised
by cutting the skin,
meaning he has been craving himself
to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala,

so that everyone knows,
whoever does circumcision,
meaning he is a servant of Allah
subhanahu wa ta'ala.

3. Circumcision is holiness,
cleanliness and decoration
for servants who Hanif.

4. By circumcision
- especially a woman -
can neutralize lust.

If left untouched,
it will be parallel to animal behavior.

And if it's cut out,
then make her be the same as inanimate objects,
no taste.

we get,
people who are not circumcised,
both male and female,
not satisfied with jima (hypersex).

And vice versa,
error when circumcising women,
can make it cold to men.

5. For women who are circumcised
can brighten the face and satisfy the partner.
"In Ummah 'Athiah's hadits,
that a woman in Medina
profession as a circumcision.

== mas dhiki ==

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