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Wednesday, July 24, 2019



Unsynchronized between the nervous system of the brain
which is the center of all the action, the inner ear,
and then the eye and the inner surface of the body tissue
which is called proprioceptors
that produces an imbalance of information
received by the brain.

1. When going to travel,
    make sure the condition of the body
    is in healthy condition.

2. Choose a route that does not pass through
    a winding roads or roads  that are too damaged.

3. Before and during travel.
    Avoid excessive alcohol and foods or liquids
    that "do not agree with you"
    or make you feel unusually full.  

    Heavy, spicy, or fat-rich foods
    may worsen motion sickness in some people.

4. Avoiding strong food odors

    may also help prevent nausea.

5. Try to choose a seat where
    you will experience the least motion.
    In the front seat of a car.
    The middle of an airplane over the wing
    is the calmest area of an   airplane.
    On a ship,
    those in lower level cabins
    near the center of a ship 
    generally experience less motion
    than passengers in higher or outer cabins.

6. Do not sit facing backwards
    from your direction of travel.

7. Avoid doing activities with
    close distance vision such as reading,   
    watching videos.

8. Do not get dehydrated,
    the body temperature is too cold or too hot.

9. Adjust the position of the head and neck
    so that not move much.

10. While starting feel the indication of motion sickness,
      inhale the scent of peppermint oil
      and suction ginger candy or chewing herbs.

 1. Nausea,
 2. Vomiting,
 3. Dizziness,
 4. Sweating,
 5. A sense of feeling unwell.

1. If the road conditions isn’t too jammed,
    it is better to pull over and taking an indefinite break
    for your brain refreshed.

2. Help relieve headache by applying eucalyptus oil
    on the neck and forehead.

3. After vomiting,
    you should clean the rest of vomit in the mouth area
    by means of gargling water.

4. Occasionally open the window of your car,
    then inhale air from the outside,
    this is quite a powerful way to relieve the symptoms
    of dizziness and nausea.

5. If you travel by ship,
    trying to inhale some fresh air on the deck
    of the boat while seeing how beautiful ocean stretches.

== mas dhiki ==

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