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Dhiki Supodo, commonly called mas dhiki, still do not have a job anymore. Looks like I am considered to have end after an accident which resulted in me coma for 1 month 2 days at the practical work period in Paiton Steam Power Plant. Hopefully to get a job soon and married a sholekhah girl Amiin.

I am a muslim. I must live this life in accordance with the teachings of Islam. For that, I must have sufficient knowledge to be practiced. Hopefully by sharing here, can increase my knowledge especially and all Muslims in general, Amiin.

I have a great interest in the world of health. Health is one of the important factors to be able to live better. Hopefully by sharing here, we can all live this life better. Amiin.

During my study time at Mechanical Engineering department Gadjah Mada University, I joined in the health organization which one of the responsibility is to become first aid team. I try to share many first aid technique for accidents.

My first job is in the construction world, so I have any connection which having information about mobile crane for rent. I am trying to connect requests and offers of the mobile crane for rent as a broker.

Monday, July 22, 2019


Purpose and Benefits of Khitan
Khitan has very important functions and benefits
for the benefit of syiar Islam.
Because, khitan aims for
physical and spiritual health.

For men,
khitan is useful for
simplify and speed up
physical cleansing process
as one of the legal requirements for worship,
especially those related to urine impurities.

From a medical standpoint,
as expressed by medical experts,
khitan has benefits for health
because of removing limbs
which is a dirt hideout,
viruses, bacteria and bad odors.

Urine contains all of that’s elements.

When urine comes out through the skin
which covers the genitals,
the sludge deposits are commonly called smegma
some are held by the skin.

The longer,
the deposits will increase.

You can imagine
how often does someone urinate in a day

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